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Director: Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Actors: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Scarlett Johansson, Julianne Moore, Tony Danza


“My body, my pad, my ride, my family, my church, my boys, my girls, my porn”. The directorial debut of Joseph Gordon-Levitt has arrived and it looks quite punchy. Gordon-Levitt takes on the main part of Don Jon himself, a late twenties New Jersey-guy who thrives well in his own small kept world. But things are about to change of course, they would for you too if you bumped into Scarlett Johansson! And, it’s got Tony Danza in it!

Actors: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Seth Rogen, Anna KendrickAnjelica Huston

Director: Jonathan Levine


A movie about dealing with cancer, death and the life lessons that come with it… with Seth Rogen in one of the major parts? You have to admit it sounds quite odd, but I guess that’s why it caught my attention and made me curious. And I must say, my curiosity was rewarded. Seth Rogen’s performance isn’t much different from anything else he played before: the goofy teddy-bear-like chubby with a certain lack of finesse. But is works great, even in a movie like this.

When Adam (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) goes to a doctor because of a persistent backache, he is diagnosed with a rare form of spinal cancer. Not only is the ground swept from under his feet when he hears the news, Adam also quickly learns that a live-changing event like this also has an impact on the people around him. Through his illness, he learns he didn’t know some of the people close to him as well as he thought.

I can imagine what this story tells about dealing with cancer comes pretty close to reality for some people. You might think differently because there’s quite a bit of comedy in it. But if anything, that comedy somehow makes the story even more genuine. After all, isn’t humor also a way of dealing with the set backs of life? Don’t get me wrong, this movie also depicts the fear, the helplessness, the disbelief, the anger and a few other things that come with dealing with something of this magnitude. But that’s the beauty of this film: comedy and drama come together in a balanced way. It also tells a story about how, even a major mishap can lead to enrichment in one’s life. 50/50 will put a smile on your face at times, but it might just as well immobilize you on occasion.

Check out this scene where Adam, with the help of his friend Kyle, decides to overrule one of the symptoms of his chemotherapy and shaves his head bold.