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Director: Wes Anderson

Actors: Edward Norton, Ralph Fiennes, Bill Murray, Owen Wilson, Willem Dafoe,
Jude Law, Adrien Brody, Tilda Swinton, Jeff Goldblum, Jason Schwartzman, Harvey Keitel

Another piece of gold from the Wes Anderson treasure chest is coming. Set between the wars in a fast changing Europe, The Grand  Budapest Hotel tells the story of Gustave, a Chef d’hotel played by a very untypical Ralph Fiennes. The picture looks like it has everything you expect from a Wes Anderson story: colorful, funny and a cast that keeps on getting more impressive every time. What’s great about Wes Anderson films is his ability to cast actors we all know pretty well to play certain roles, and make them surprise us. It looks like it’s not going to be any different this time. Grand Budapest Hotel is set to come out in March of next year.


Director: Woody Allen

Actors: Owen Wilson, Rachel McAdams, Michael Sheen, Carla Bruni, Adrien Brody, Kathy Bates


It took me a very long time to take an interest in the work of Woody Allen. I’ve been into movies for as long as I can remember, but somehow, for some reason, I never picked up on him. I did see “Match Point” once, on television and merely by accident. I liked it, but I didn’t even know I was looking at a Woody Allen-movie at the time. All that changed recently, because of this movie: “Midnight In Paris”. What a refreshing surprise that movie is. As a complete Allen-rookie, I didn’t know what to expect. But still, it is funny,witty, slides into unexpected turns and most of all, its scenario is one of the up-most original.

Gil (Owen Wilson) is a successful screenwriter but is struggling to finish his first novel. When he joins his fiancée and her parents on a trip to Paris, the city re-sparks his desire to be a serious writer.  He idolizes the bohemian Paris of the 1920’s. And one evening, when strolling around the alleys of Paris by himself, the unimaginable happens…

No need to say that my curiosity for Allen’s other work was tickled after this. Soon after this film I watched ‘Vicky Cristina Barcelona” and just a few days ago I saw “To Rome With Love”. I loved them both. And although I still have tons of Woody Allen-homework to do, I do consider myself a fan now.

Actors: Adrien Brody, Marcia Gay Harden, James Caan, Christina Hendricks, Lucy Liu

Director: Tony Kaye


From American History X- director Tony Kaye, comes a dark drama about a  teacher named Henry Barthes (Adrien Brody). Henry is a substitute teacher who wanders from school to school, never staying very long in the same place and that suits him fine since it keeps him from having any emotional attachment to his students and colleagues.

Henry is a man you grow to like, he’s got a certain sadness over him, tries to stay sane and to do the right thing despite the fact that the world around him is anything but a happy place. His grandfather is dying, most of his colleagues are on the verge of a nervous breakdown and the school he’s working at falls victim to a completely failing school system. On top of that his students have no hope for the future and seem to have lost all sense of decency and values. Still, willing or not, he seems to get trough to some of them. Sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse.

Brody’s performance is without any doubt the major strong holder here. The movie itself might not dispose of the same magnificence as, let’s say ‘The Pianist’, but his performance sure as hell does. Brody confirms he is an exceptional actor, in a role that is somewhat different than what we’re use to see from him. This flick isn’t going to leave you with a smile, but it will leave an impression and resonate in your head for quite a while.