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Tarantino-birthdayToday’s the birthday of a man who changed the way our generation perceives cinema forever. I remember seeing ‘Pulp Fiction’ at the theater when I was 17 and being blown away. Ever since, every release of one of his movies has been eagerly awaited. Over the years, the man obviously mastered his craftsmanship close to perfection, although Pulp Fiction remains my personal favorite, with Inglorious Bastards as a close second. Anyways, Mr Tarantino, I hope you keep doing what you’ve been doing for the last 20 years, and so do many others with me.

Check out the legendary Tarantino-scene from the movie ‘Sleep With Me’ where the master himself exposes the true meaning of the movie ‘Top Gun’.

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Can you believe it? It’s been exactly15 years already since someone peed on The Dude’s rug! The Coen Brothers’  The Big Lebowski was released on March the 6th, 1998. I remember I went to see it in the theater twice. The Dude, Walter, Donny, bowling, Jesus Quintana and the best dream sequence in a movie ever…high-times for cinema those were! “Shut the f*** up Donny!”






25 years ago today, the martial arts cult classic ‘Bloodsport’ was released, introducing Jean-Claude Van Damme on the big screen. I know what your thinking: so what? Why would he want to bring that up? Well now, not only is J.C. a fellow countryman, I also live in his hometown, near Brussels. So no, I can’t just let it pass. 🙂 Besides, some of you might find it hard to admit, but were you not mesmerized, back in the day, when you saw J.C. do his famous split for the first time? Or when he slammed a few teeth out of some bad guy’s jaw with his jump spinning heel-kick? You know you where, at some point in our boyhood, we all wanted to be like Jean-Claude. Luckily, for most of us, it passed. I know J.C. still considers this film his baby, and although he’s getting a part of his hip replaced at a hospital in Belgium this week,  I still bet today’s a pretty a special day for him.