Trailer: Kick-Ass 2

Posted: March 15, 2013 in Trailers
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Director: Jeff Wadlow

Actors: Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Chloë Grace Moretz, Jim Carrey, Christopher Mintz-Plasse

Release Date: August 16


Kick-Ass is back! And judging from this trailer he grew a pair and spent some time at the gym too. Hit-Girl teams up with our superhero once again as the take on Red Mist, who reinvented himself as “The Motherf*>=er” for the occasion. Unsettled scores from the first part need to be settled and Jim Carrey joins the madness as well as a born-again ex-mobster named Colonel Stars and Stripes. No doubt he’s going to outdo Nicolas Cage as the ‘adult’ hero from part 1. No room for the weak, just bad-ass superheroes and super-villains  who know how to kick ass!





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