Trialed by Gestapo: Sophie Scholl – Die Letzten Tage (2005)

Posted: February 13, 2013 in Reviews
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Director: Marc Rothemund

Actors: Julia Jentsch, Fabian Hinrichs, Gerald Alexander Held

Actress Julia Jentsch as Sophie Scholl on tria...

Actress Julia Jentsch as Sophie Scholl on trial in Sophie Scholl – The Final Days (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sophie Scholl was a young, German woman who stood up to the Nazi regime. She joined the Nazi resistance group ‘The White Rose’ but got caught while distributing anti-Nazi pamphlets at the university of Munich in 1943. This German spoken film is a journey through her last six days, from the planning of the pamphlet distribution, to the arrest, the interrogation by the Gestapo, her trial and finally her execution.

While watching, a growing feeling of uneasiness came over me. At first, while being interrogated by the Gestapo, Sophie seems to be able to talk her way out of any involvement. She is about to get released, but at the very last moment gets called back by her interrogator. Things really start going downhill for Sophie from there on. Slowly but surely, you see the horrible reality dawning upon her: she is going to die. She can no longer mislead her interrogator, as evidence builds up against her. Her harsh trial is lead by a judge who obviously has no intention of giving Sophie and her companions any fair chance. But the most atrocious part to me was the medieval fashion the Nazis used to fulfill executions in those days.

This movie is unique in a way, as it is a rendition of the Nazi regime’s brutality and ruthlessness but seen from a different side, the German side. It shows how the Nazi regime wasn’t any more lenient for anyone with ideas that strayed from theirs, even amongst their own.


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